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The Reaver is a Patent Pending proprietary Integral Suppressor. It features a true integral stack built into our hand-picked barrel blanks. By only picking the best barrels we can remove any chances of misalignment, Point-of-Impact shift and baffle strikes. Using different materials in our suppressors eliminates differing expansion and contraction rates.


So, what does that all mean? It means that our suppressors are made with build quality in mind. We can safely say that you can shoot more than 15,000 rounds in our suppressors before you ever have a problem.


The Reaver's baffle stack is actually a part of the barrel. Reaver is an upper receiver assemblies for AR type rifles. Just add your Bolt Carrier Assembly and charging handle and you are go-to-go.


To update your rifle, simply remove the factory upper and replace it with the Reaver Assembly for the ultimate in suppressed firepower.


The Reaver comes standard as a gas-blowback system, but we can make it with an Adam Arms Piston System. This system is known as the ISPU or Integrally Suppressed Piston Upper. This is the cream of the crop, the Top Dog, the bees knees,...well, you get the point, it's cool.


All of our Reavers are built with GI-spec uppers and Samson Evolution rails in either 9", 10" or 12.37".

The Reaver is available in:

   • 300 AAC Blackout

   • 5.56mm / .223Rem

   • 7.62x51mm / .308Win

The Reaver is also available in:

   • 6.8SPC

   • 6.5 Grindel

   • 5.45x39mm


These calibers are only for special orders. Oh yeah, we have to charge a little more for these...sorry.

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