Gen 1s Available for:

Glock Small Frame


Glock 18

Glock Large Frame


Sig 226/220

Sig 2022 Pro

Gen 2s Available for:

Glock Small Frame


Glock Large Frame


FN 5.7

Reaver Centerfire Info

The K.P.O.S. is a Personal Defense Weapon Converter made of one piece of 6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum. It is the perfect add-on for your Glock or Sig pistol. It was designed for Tactical Teams, but is perfect for personal protection.


Features include:

• Installs in seconds with no tools

• Retains use of Iron Sights

• Suppressor compatible

• Included Folding Vertical Foregrip

• Includes top and both-side picatanny rails

• Operates with stock folded or extended

• Extremely easy to conceal

• Ventilated design prevents extreme heat-up

• Lifetime Warranty


This is considered a SBR when paired with a pistol.

All NFA rules apply when you own this and a pistol.

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